Camera in Cambridge, Gloucestershire for sale

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Casio EX-Z4 is a slim light aluminium 4 megapixel camera. This camera is in excellent condition and back when released had fantastic capability reviews. Comes complete with the Casio CA-240 charger cradle which enables charging of the lithium battery and downloading without removal of memory card by simply pressing the USB button. Plus the original 5.3v AC adapter and USB A/B printer cable. It can capture audio & movie clips and has a telescoping lens & 7 point focus. Screen completely scratch free. 4.0-Megapixel effective CCD imager. It has new high-quality light-weight aluminum body. Audio recording, attached to images or audio-only. Record movies at 320x240 (15fps). Pentax 3x optical zoom with 4x digital zoom. Built-in flash with Red Eye Reduction. Battery Life: approx 360 snapshots. Playback approx 6 hrs of snapshots. Voice recording approx 5 hrs recording. Weight approx 4.27oz. excluding battery & accessories. 9.7 Megabytes of internal memory. Secure Digital/MMC card slot for memory expansion. You can store JPEG, AVI, WAV & HTML formats. There is a calendar feature which shows thumbnails of the photos on the day taken. There is also a favourites folder & world time capability. The camera comes with cradle, adapter & printer cable. All in all a fantastic camera.